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Help Yourself

Holistic Programmes for Health and Wellbeing

Often we are led to believe that the solution to our problems lies outside of ourselves, if only circumstances were different, if the magic cure could be found, if you could find the right therapy etc etc. You have what you need already inside of you, your body already knows how to restore balance. These programmes are designed to help you get back in touch with your inner wisdom, let go of the stuff that’s getting in the way and feel better, naturally by helping yourself.

There are 3 options of programme which can be done individually in one to one consultations, or within a small group. All 3 options contain similar elements and techniques but with a different focus. Includes EFT/Tapping, hypnotherapy/self hypnosis, guided meditation, energy practices and movement, Law of Attraction principles and wellbeing exercises, teaching and discussion on programme specific topics.

The Help Yourself Programme -

for anyone wishing to learn easy techniques to feel better naturally and spend some quality me time’. Learn about the mind-body connection (there’s no separating them!) and how to calm down the stress response that may be having a detrimental effect on your overall health.

The Gut Reaction Programme -

for people with IBS and functional gut disorders. Learn how to calm the body/mind and digestion and let go of fears, to feel better and reduce symptoms. Included with this programme is Gut Directed Hypnotherapy which has been well researched and documented as effective at reducing symptoms and managing IBS for up to 70% of clients. If you do not have a diagnosis of IBS or FGD you are advised to speak to your GP first.

The Heal Yourself Programme -

for people with burnout and fatigue conditions, including CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. This is a therapeutic approach where you learn techniques to nourish your body and mind, make sense of symptoms, discover what might be getting in the way and stimulate your body’s own ability to recover. Recovery from these conditions however is multifaceted, involving changes in lifestyle, diet, pace of life, thought patterns and more, which is beyond the scope of this course.

The Help Yourself programmes have been born from over 20 years caring for people as a nurse, 9 years working professionally with complementary therapies, my own personal recovery experience and everything learnt along the way. There is so much that we can do to support our innate ability to heal from whatever challenges we are facing. I have pulled together what are, in my opinion, the most effective and easiest to grasp, take home tools in a convenient package. It will be my pleasure to share them with you, so that hopefully you can Help Yourself and regain your power.


Initial Course - 6 weekly 90 minute sessions as described above

Going Deeper - Further 6 weeks consolidation more practice, tools and techniques

Delivered on an individual or group basis. I require a minimum amount of people to run the group courses, so if you would prefer a group setting, please contact me to register your interest.

Cost per 6 week course paid in advance

Individual: £360

Group: £120

If after the first session it’s not for you and you decide not to continue, I will refund you the course fee less £80 for individual and £40 for group. Individual sessions dates can be negotiated and rearranged if 24 hours notice is given. This is not possible with the group sessions.


I cannot promise a reduction of symptoms or a cure for your illness, as each individual can respond very differently dependant upon many factors. You are responsible for your own wellbeing, and if anything within the course doesn’t suit you please do not continue with that particular approach and inform me of any difficulties. These therapies and programmes are not a substitute for general medical care. Any advice or information given during the course can be adopted by you or not, it is your decision.